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Good Design
is the
Absence of Annoyance™

Costello Design       Product Design & Product Development        Industrial Design Firm                                       Invention Development                                     Portland, Oregon

In today's market, innovative as well as sustainable Industrial Design is most important.  We believe that being true to the end-user and the environment will create the most successful design.  Costello Design develops products for international and domestic clients in the areas of consumer products as well as business products.  We design and develop products for corporations, start-ups entrepreneurs and inventors.   Our approach to design is to take an idea from sketch to a finished product while considering aesthetics, manufacturing processes, marketing, function and user interface.  Costello Design is a Product Design Studio that can provide full service Industrial Design from concept to production. We have overseas and domestic associates to assist in manufacturing.  Let's start the conversation and discuss how we can help you develop your product.

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