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Housewares Design Firm Portland

Packmaster Storage Containers

The Packmaster storage containers are produced as a line of injection molded storage containers in 3 sizes. The ergonomically friendly handles make them easy to transport in the home, garage or car trunk.  They are easily stacked & locked and can also be tied down in trucks and boats. 

Appliance Product Design Firm Portland

Spacemate Thermoelectric


The Spacemate refrigerator is thermoelectric refrigerator which has no freon.  It is an eco-friendly refrigerator for the  office or dorm room.  It is also light weight since it is all plastic construction which makes it easy to move.  The challenge was to make an attractive alternative to traditional, heavy, freon, portable refrigerators for the  dorm or office. 

Ideation - Concept Development

US Leisure Furniture

US Leisure invited Costello Design to design a line of plastic outdoor furniture based on our experience and expertise with injection molded products. We developed eye-catching conceptual sketch renderings for their marketing and engineering departments.  

Fashion Accessories Design Firm Portland
Industrial Design - Computer Aided Design - Portland

Syringe Key for Xtract Solutions

Xtract Solutions chose Costello Design to design a Syringe Key to be aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically friendly.   Syringe Keys allow medical professionals to administer exact dosages when using syringes.  These Syringe Keys are used with the Xtract Solutions ER-SHOT.

Lighting Design Firm Portland

Palloncino Verde Handbags

This elegant Quadrato handbag has soft, vegan leather and amazing microsuede interior lining.  Our goal was to create a stylish, durable, eco-friendly handbag and we achieved our goal.  The mar-resistant, vegan leather will allow you to enjoy your stylish Quadrato handbag for years to come.


Palloncino Verde Store

Igloo Quick & Cool


The Igloo Quick and Cool was designed to address several user concerns.  The user can open only 40% of the cooler by flipping up the small right side lid, therefore not opening the whole cooler to excessive hot ambient temperature.  The handles slide up and down which is helpful in a cramped trunk.  Typical cooler handles rotate up making it difficult to access the handles.  

Cooler Design Firm Portland

 Igloo Cool Roller


James Costello designed the first cooler with wheels for Igloo Products Corp.  This product revolutionized the cooler industry and created the trend for all cooler companies to implement coolers with wheels in their product line. Mr. Costello is co-inventor as well a designer for the Cool Roller.


Jewelry Design Firm Portland

Sanvalto Wearable Medical Device


Sanvalto selected Costello Design to develop wearable medical devices.  We designed a line of wearable Fall Detection Devices.  Typically some elderly people wear a Fall Detection Device  to alert a nurse in a nursing home if they fall.  These devices are usually unattractive and some of the users do not want to wear them.  We designed the devices to look like a wristwatch.

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